Nikon Emerges Technology with Lasers



Nikon came to Priority Prototypes for design and short-run production for testing, before production tooling, of an Automated Laser Metrology Device. After developing and finalizing our CAD data, we were able to create SLA as well as CNC foam masters in which we created silicone tooling for 6 assemblies - each having 6 individual parts. Each unit had to be within tight tolerances in order for the components to fit precisely in these sophisticated products. Urethane parts were cast with brass mold-in inserts. An Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) coating was applied and final production paint was achieved with color matching. Laser cut sheet metal inserts and a Polypropylene filter was applied completing the assemblies. Due to proprietary data, we are only able to show the housing parts (above) and not the complete assembled unit.


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