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CAD & Engineering

Our product engineering staff can make sure it looks good and works well.
Whether you need mechanical invention or you need to bring a concept to production, we have a talented engineering staff that make it happen.


Our engineering capabilities include the following:
- Invention
- Mechanism design and development
- Complex 3D CAD/CAM surface modeling
- Design for assembly and cost reduction
- Structural analysis using traditional and FEA techniques
- Hands-on model development and debugging
- Engineering detail drawings and tolerancing
- Designs using springs, bearings, seals, valves, snaps, gears
- Dynamic Fluid Analysis
- Development of tooling-ready injection-molded designs
- Exploration of innovative materials and technologies
- Vendor sourcing and production coordination


Our staff consists of degreed M.E.s, licensed P.E.s, and mechanical designers who have a broad range of product engineering experience including:
- Medical devices & equipment
- Commercial equipment
- Industrial products
- Electronic devices
- Appliances
- Consumer Products


Because clients and manufacturing vendors often use different 3D CAD software we use both Pro/ENGINEER® and SolidWorks® for 3D CAD computer modeling, and ANSYS® for finite element analysis. Our expertise lies in the ability to efficiently analyze function and strength. And we can provide the 3D data that is used for rapid prototyping, computer animations, and engineering drawings.