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Objet / Polyjet Rapid Prototype Parts

Our Objet printer can produce extremely accurate and highly detailed rapid prototype parts. Using 3D CAD data, this printer can create parts similar to SLA / stereolithography type parts, but at a higher degree of resolution. These parts are perfect for verifying the 3D CAD data and can be painted for final-appearance models.

Using the Objet Eden 500v system, Priority Prototypes produces parts directly from your CAD files in any one of several materials available.  PolyJet modeling is a printing process where photopolymers are dispersed onto a build platform, and then parts are built up in 16 microns (0.000629 in.) layers. Dimensional accuracy of Objet parts are comparable to SLA parts but often with much closer tolerances. The higher build resolution (600 X 600 dpi) also greatly reduces hand finishing time.

These are excellent for creating toys & collectibles prototypes, but can be used on any project where highly accurate & detailed surfaces are needed.


Our machine specs:

- Build envelope = 19.7" W x 15.7" L x 7.9" H (500 x 400 x 200mm)
  (larger parts can be made be gluing mutliple pieces together)
- Modeling material--proprietary plastics cured with UV light
- Layer thickness--Horizontal build layers down to 16 microns (0.0006")
- Build resolution--X axis = 600 dpi; Y axis = 600 dpi; and Z axis = 1600 dpi

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