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painting prototype

Painting, Plating & Finishing of Appearance Models

We offer a huge array of finishing options. If it can be specified, we can apply it to an appearance model.

- painting: solid colors, metallics, pearls, candies, etc.

- faux finishes: weathering, granite, stone, wood, etc.

- metal finishes: chrome, brushed stainless, patina copper, aged bronze, etc.

- textures: gloss, satin, flat, rough, etc

- soft touch rubberized coatings

- coatings for EMI/RF shielding

painting room

For American Standard, evaluating a new faucet design in chrome is essential. To accommodate them we've developed several plating options that can give American Standard the quintessential chrome look they want at various levels of speed, quality and cost. Other times, we've also replicated the look of brushed satin, antique copper and oil-rubbed bronze. This allows them to have different options available to them depending on their time frame, level of realism needed, or budget. Painting prototype