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Short Run Production

Short run production can be a final solution or a bridge to high volume tooling depending on the quantity and timeline required. Our facility can provide a solution for short run production needs in these areas:

- RTV silicon molding - Urethane casting
- CNC machining
- Vac-forming


Barco creates imaging systems controlled via handheld computer monitors. The company wanted durable frames for these monitors that reflect the high-tech standards of their systems. We provided a turnkey development solution of design, engineering, and prototyping, as well as hundreds of parts for low volume short-run production using silicone tooling. Using resins that are made to withstand production use, our urethane cast parts are cast in color and molded with brass inserts for easy and durable assembly. Finally, the inside of the parts are sprayed with an EMI coatiing for electrical shelding.

By using our short run services, Barco was able to get to market quickly and inexpensively with a solution that looked and worked as well as high volume injection molded plastic parts.