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Soft goods prototyping

Soft Goods Prototypes

To aid in the development of soft goods, we have a sewing lab and soft goods specialists on staff with the ability to sew fabrics, foams and plastics. We can create soft goods samples that are production quality as well as quick study mockups to test ideas. Through our experience, we've found it critical when developing innovative soft goods to create mockups using actual materials. These mockups allow our clients to test ideas quickly and are also useful tools in bridging communication gaps with manufacturing vendors outside the U.S.

In addition, we have an extensive fabric and materials library where clients and designers can research new product development ideas.

Example -
TaylorMade Golf wanted to add an innovative closure to their head covers, they asked us to help. Our design called for embedding magnets inside the fabric to eliminate the need for a zipper. We sourced a vendor who made magnets encased in a strip of heat-shrunk tubing. Then we made multiple mockups to refine the design, with the magnet strips sewn into the edge binding. Our final working mockup was then given to a TaylorMade's production vendor, along with a set of 2D patterns to create final samples. By being able to create these soft goods prototypes in house, we saved many months of back and forth communication with the manufacturing vendor.

Talyormade headcover Talyormade headcover