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urethane cast parts from rtv rubber molds

One of our specialites is creating low volume urethane cast resin prototype parts that look and feel almost indistinguisable from injection molded plastic parts. Clients often need multiples of prototypes for low volume beta production and testing. In these instances we make RTV rubber molds of our 3D master models and then cast duplicates in urethane resin. These resin castings can easily be finished and painted to resemble production parts or cast in different colors and textures. The cost for this process is dramatically lower than production tooling for injection molded plastic parts and can be produced in a fraction of the time.

Options for cast urethane parts include;

- hard plastic or soft rubber parts in a wide range of durometers
- multiple shot overmolded soft rubber and hard plastic combinations
- cast-in solid colors,
- water clear, frosted and colored translucents
- any surface texture from high gloss to rough